Fresh and Saltwater Fly Designs     

     Bringing you the best quality Australian Fishing Flies since 2006 - tied by Jeff Cassidy.   
"...the flies that catch fish..."      
Custom tied trout flies for any location using feathers from Whiting and Metz saddles to Pearsall's finest silks. Mixed dozens our speciality, starting from $42.00 per dozen.

ABN: 22 987 148 582


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- Gift Vouchers available from $50.00 to $500.00. Just email your request and I will send you the Voucher.

    Sixty cms of Dusky. Get your Flathead flies for this winter.... Chartruese Clousers and Red Eyed Prawns.


A collection of Flathead flies for the estuary flats. Ten handcrafted Estuary Flats Saltwater flies for $85.00 plus postage. Clousers,Estuary Prawns and Surf Candies. AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN

Orders over $120.00 receive free postage.